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A better Tuesday…


Cody is a little better today. We got him to take a little of the diarrhea medicine last night in some Ensure. He won’t touch it today but he seems to be a little more active this morning. During the night he jumped off the bed two or three times to go on the pad, it was still runny. Later in the morning when he went is was a little firmer. I pray he’s on the mend.

WoW, I can’t believe ever since Sunday when he turned 2 he’s now jumping off the bed, I guess he thinks turning 2 makes him a big boy.  Anyway, I’ve washed up all the dog bedding and blankets, only took 3 loads, and mopped the floors with disinfectant. Gotta get rid of all the germs you know.

Things are looking up though…

It’s cloudy here in Willis TX today and we might get some thunderstorms tomorrow. Hopefully, they won’t be too bad and then we’ll have better weather for the rest of the week.

Until next time…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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