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A Slow Month for Travel

Hey, all you nice folks out there…  It has been a very SLOW month and not much to talk about.

We went to Wolf Creek Park Aug 1-8 to meet our close friends Tammy and Chuck for our week out of Thousand Trails. It was cloudy and rainy most of the week. Did manage to get in a little fishing between cloud burst. The day before we left Ed and I were fishing off the pier by the boat ramp and 2 men were there cleaning their fish at the fish station. Before they decided not to go back out because the wind had come up, one of them asks me if we did any good. I said we had been there a week and only caught 6 small cats and threw them back… He said well that’s not good, everybody that comes to the lake and fishes needs to have enough fish to a fish fry. SO he gave us a baggie full of fillets. WOW, how awesome is that?  Needless to say, I told Tammy we were having a fish fry for supper. I also cooked up some Shrimp to go with the fish. YUMMY

Other than that Ed and I have been busy with RV Tips decals and trying to get the T-Shirt business off the ground. Yes, we finally got the US Cutter machine out and started using it. I hope our new endeavor pays off soon… The new business is D&E Designs in Vinyl under the name rvershelpingrvers.com it’s not ready just yet but Ed is working on it. PLEASE stay tuned for updates on the when the site will be ready for orders.

Here are a few I’ve done to get started…

Let me know what your l@@king for.  If you can say it, we can print it on a Tee…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!


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