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An Evev Better Hump Day, So I thought?

The day started out with a little rain, but that didn’t last, now the sun is out and it’s warming up nicely.

Cody had a great night, the diarrhea is almost all gone. He even ate a few bites of rice with egg and cheese last night.

I made the kids a combo of egg, rice, cheese and bacon bits this morning and Cody eat almost all of his BUT Cheyenne turned up her nose and went back to couch… OH NO,  If you knew Cheyenne you’d know she’s like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food, she’s an endless pit. I sure hope she’s not coming down with what Cody had!!! I guess time will tell.

I was just thinking about what to make for supper today and thought about a great recipe that was in my email. I will post the recipe on Debi’s RV Cooking I think you will love it and I’ll be using my Ninja to make this yummy casserole. If you’re not familiar with the Ninja 3 in 1 or 4 in 1, let me clue you in. This awesome kitchen cooker takes the place of an electric skillet, your oven, your stovetop, your crockpot and even your deep fryer. Yes, a deep fryer! It’s like the ultimate cooking tool. If you full-time or camp, heck if you’re still in a sticks and bricks house, it’s a must-have for your kitchen.


Hurry back so you can keep up with on the going saga of sick fur babies…

Until next time, Safe Travels and Happy Trails!


2 thoughts on “An Evev Better Hump Day, So I thought?

  1. Susan

    Hi guys hope my lil cousins are feeling better now! I’m googling that
    Ninja it looks very interesting! Have you heard of the new
    Air fryers ? I want to try that too!
    Well happy trails be safe 😍

    1. admin Post author

      They seem to be doing good. Fingers crossed and thx for asking. I have not tried the air fryer but I do hear good things about it. I do love my Ninja and pressure cookers. Hope you ae well too… (hug)


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