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Another July 4th gone

Another July has come and gone BUT the heat is still here. Ed and I are staying mostly in the coach and trying to keep cool. We have seen a couple of good movies on our DirecTV PPV, We watched “Chips” Not kid friendly but really funny. Then we watched “Life” just ok in my book. Just a mediocre SiFi as far as I’m concerned. They should have just done a made for TV on the SiFi channel…

On a cooler note… The Hubs Facebook group RV Tips has had a recent blowing up of Camping PJ’s. It has gone as they say Viral. After the first post of a lady wearing hers, the group just started blowing up with comments and others posting themselves in theirs. Ed, the hubs, got this crazy idea to model them and post it on the group. Well, let me tell you, it started a fad for the men. The next thing we knew there were post after post of men in these camping PJ’s.  They were doing all kinds of things wearing them. From posing to changing tires, fishing, bow hunting even dumping their tanks and so many other things I can’t even think of right now. WOW, who knew Ed could start a fad. LOL Oh my, I’m so glad it doesn’t take much to amuse us old folks.

Here are just a few of the pictures that were posted, I wanted to share the with y’alI. I know you were wanting to see them. Well I’ve tried to download some pics for you BUT it’s telling me they are too large.

Here’s the link to  RV Tips FB Group so you can check out all the posts and pics.

Well not much going on the past couple of days, not much to write about. We are however going to dinner tonight at the Sealand restaurant in LaGrange TX with Barbara Spade along with Jan and Greg White.  I’ll try to post pictures of our get together later.

Thank You for stopping by…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!



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