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Beautify Your Yard to Door Mats (Rugs)

OMG I am so excited about these RV yard mats… I ♥ ♥ ♥ them!

 RV yard mat A

 RV yard mat B

This is just 2 of these awesome RV yard mats. They are so cute and they’re a very inexpensive way to make your yard fun. Ed and I have the same rug from 4 years ago and it’s still in good shape but let me tell you, as soon as we need a new one, I’m getting one of these!

I guess it’s going to storm all day, it has been raining with thunder and lightening all morning. Poor Cody was so scared, there was a clap of thunder so close to us it shook the motorhome. Cody was on the couch, he jumped and ran over to Ed to be picked up. Bless his heart… SO I held him for a while until the thunder passed or so I thought. But the lightening and thunder keep coming and going. It started about 8:30 am and it’s now Noon and I still hear thunder ever now and then with heavy rain off and on. With this cooler weather, I’m thinking about making some kind of soup for supper. But if you want to know what kind and get My recipe, you’re going to have to go visit my food Blog at Debi’s RV Cooking

Until next time…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!


2 thoughts on “Beautify Your Yard to Door Mats (Rugs)

  1. Marilu Neally

    Poor Cody. I don’t care for thunder and lightening either. Hope you had good soup. It was 84° here at Birch Bay today.

    1. Debi Post author

      I held him for a while but he sure doesn’t like that thunder. Made my Hamburger Soup it is so good. The temp dropped down to 77* during the storming. BUT right back up to 90 when the sun finally came out. Its really good hearing from you. Hope your knees are still doing good. Tell John we said Hi and we’re looking forward to seeing Y’all in FL. (((hugs)))


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