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Camping Must Haves

It’s June and time to get those RVs out of storage and get to camping…

Today we’re going to just touch on some of the things you need to have when camping. You should always be prepared for faulty electrical outlets with a good Surge Protector. There are several to choose from but Ed, the hubs, on his  RV Tips Facebook Group he recommends either a 30 amp for your 30 amp rig or 50 amp for your 50 amp rig.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X 30A Digital Surge Protector with Weather Shield


Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X 50A Digital Surge Protector with Weather Shield

Believe me, you will be so thankful you have one. So many of the parks you go to the electrical boxes and post have been used and abused over many years time. Another great tip is to ALWAYS make sure the breaker switch is OFF before plugging your cord in OR unplugging it to leave.

Another good product to have and keep on board is your toilet chemicals and pipe deodorizer. We highly recommend Camco ToiletTreatment  and Unique RV Drain and Tank Treatment.  Use the Camco Toilet Treatment everytime you dump and the Unique RV Drain and Tank Treatment after you dump your gray tank(s) and leave in the drain while it’s not in use to keep it smelling fresh. We use these products and LOVE them.


Of course, you can’t leave home without your Weber Q bbq Grill with Stand and don’t forget the Propane gas tank OR if you have don’t want to use the smaller tanks you can get an adaptor for your larger tank.


I almost forgot the Ice Chest for the cold drinks. There’s nothing like an ice cold beverage when you out in the sun having a great. Stay hydrated kids. From the small chest to carry on the boat or just set my your lounger to the Large Ice Chest the holds not only your cold drinks but you Watermelon too… YUM




Until next time… GO CAMPING

Safe Travels and Happy Trails

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