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Clogged Black Tank?

Back in 2014 our friends Tammy and Chuck bought a new to them 2012 Open Range bumper pull. It was only a little over a year old and the original owners had only taken it out one time. The dealership told him the tanks were empty and ready to go. Well kids, the original owner did NOT dump or clean out the black or gray tanks after using it. Nor did the the dealership, like they said they did. That slug set up in there for over a year. The first trip out we met up with them at Martin Dyes in Jasper TX. after a day or two his tanks registered full so Chuck unhooked and went to the dump. Well, when he started to dump nothing came out. He took a stick and poked it up inside and nothing came out right away but after a few pokes some jellylike stuff oozed out THEN you guessed it… it oozed out all over his arm before he could get the valve closed back! OMG it was worse than you could possibly know. He came back to the site just a cussing. Ed told him about this great stuff he had just purchased and offered him some to pour in his tank. He poured a double dose down the tank and let it set overnight. The next morning he went to dump again this time everything went smoothly and after backwashing a few times the tanks were clean and he hasn’t had a problem since.

Unique RV tank treatment is THE best stuff you will ever have on board. We will  NEVER travel without ever again…  It’s also available in gallon size too! Unique RV tank treatment gallon

It’s also available in gallon size too! Unique RV tank treatment gallon

Another great product we use on our rig to keep it shiny new looking…  Maguiars Waterless Wash n Wax. Ed swears by it…

Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax - 26 oz.

Don’t get caught with a dirty smell tank!

And it’s good for the kitchen sink too!

Stay tuned for more great info and products.

Safe Travels and HappyTrails!


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