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Cody’s Birthday

Today is Cody’s birthday…

He’s not feeling too well, ever since he got back from the groomers, Friday afternoon, he’s had diarrhea. He wouldn’t eat his egg this morning so I gave him a 1/2 piece of a Pepto Bismol tablet crushed in with a tiny bit of icing. He licked it off my finger, I hope this makes his stomach better. Bless his heart… just ain’t right he’s sick on his birthday. Although he did eat a treat, I guess that’s a good thing. He’s been sleeping almost all day. Usually, he and Cheyenne play a lot during the day. Now she’s just laying beside him, what a good sister.

Ed’s been working on his website most of the day. As for me, between cooking and washing dished and doing laundry I’ve been working on my 2 sites. Starting new websites is a lot of work.

By the way if you tried to subscribe to any of our sites, we just found out there was something wrong with the plugin we were using. Now we have a different and better email subscriptions plugin. SO please try again, we don’t want you to miss anything…

Until next time.

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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