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Dodged Another Weather Bullet

Yesterday was another stormy evening here in south Texas. We had to go out to the Post Office to get our mail and the sun was shining bright, no sign of rain. (We had heard a cool front was on the way). Well, that all changed around 5 pm. The dark clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and off we go, pouring rain. It didn’t last that long and it rained on and off for a couple of hours. No bad stuff here BUT just a few miles up I 10 in Sealy it was a whole different story. They had some hail, high winds and even a Tornado. Yikes!!!  Much heavy damage was done to houses, farms, trailers and even one of their schools. So thankful once again to have been kept safe through a storm. The temp even went down to 54 last night. That was a nice change.

Last year when we were at Thousand Trails Lake Texoma in Gordonville TX, there were 3 Tornadoes on the ground at the same time all around us. That night our friends Janice and Rick Binns stayed at our rig and we played cards right through the bad weather. Scared poopless!!! But we rode it out. The next day when we heard about the Tornadoes we went to see the damage. Yep, there was a Tornado about 3 miles to the east of us, one 6 miles to the south of us and the 3rd one 8 miles to the west of us… That’s just too close for me. There was damage but not to extensive. I’m just glad we made it through with no damage. God was really looking out for us. Feeling so Blessed!

Thank You, Lord, for keeping us safe once again.

BTW, I wanted to mention to all you campers out there you should always keep a Bug-Out bag packed and by the door for a quick getaway. When bad weather approaches you should gather up your Rx meds, important papers and or important documents, put them in a plastic zip lock bag to keep them dry. I also use a weatherproof bag for my Bug-Out bag. Just sayin’ you have to be prepared to seek shelter if you need be. Most campgrounds will tell you to go to the nearest restroom for shelter.

For the next few days, we are in for some awesome weather. Hopefully, the Memorial Holiday weekend will turn out great for the vacationing people.

Until next time, Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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