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Escapees Run for the Mail


After a very windy and dreary Sunday, Monday started off absolutely beautiful. So Ed and I decided to make a run-up to Livingston to pick up our mail at the Escapees Park. We had lunch at the Catfish King on Hwy 59. They have a great Lunch menu for only $6.99 which includes their awesome salad bar which includes pinto beans, which I love to put my hush puppies in,  yummy… Then it was onto Escapees for the mail.

After picking up the mail we decided to take a different route back to the park just to break up the trip. We headed down Hwy 59 to Cleveland and took Hwy 105 back through Cut n Shoot where we use to live. We took Willis-Waukegan rd to FM 830 to Willis. Boy, things haven’t changed too much in that area. The Old Security Flea and Farmers Market on Hwy 105 has grown over the last few years. We had a booth there back in 1999 and made good money on the weekends. Sometimes I miss going there and then I remember the summer heat, and the memory quickly fades…

Back at Thousand Trails on Lake Conroe, I sat down with the fur babies to watch a movie when I get a call from my BFF Tammy. She has booked us few days down at Goose Island State Park for June. We had talked about maybe doing this trip when we met them for dinner Sunday at Joe’s Italian Restaurant. (We have known Joe since the day they opened. Wonderful guy and a great family.  Give them a try when you’re in town the food is great.) Anyway, we now will be going to Goose Island in June, we haven’t been there before so it should be really fun, we love camping with Tammy and Chuck.

Until next time kids…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

3 thoughts on “Escapees Run for the Mail

  1. Judy Mott

    Dick and I worked yesterday, but we are 90 miles from Livingston, which is a doable place to meet when we are off and if y’all make that trip again. Miss y’all!

    1. admin Post author

      Yeah…. Welcome! It’s good to hear from you. Miss you too. We just decided at the last minute to go to Livingston. But we sure can come meet y’all. The drive’s not bad and we would love to see you. Let us know a good time and we can meet for lunch at the Catfish King. We’re here at Lk Conroe until the 15th.(hug)


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