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Fun Fishin’ Saturday

One of my friends, Laura Lee, from my post office days came out yesterday and brought 2 of her grandkids to fish in the little pond that we have in the park. It was a real treat seeing her grandson, Devin who’s 12, fish. He caught 3 fish and a turtle. LoL The first fish he caught was so small I kidded him about catching bait. He was a good sport about it… We all had a good laugh.

While Laura Lee and I were having a great visit while sitting around the pond, back at the MH I had a great Chicken and Sausage Gumbo cooking in the Ninja. The recipe can be found on Debi’s RV Cooking under the drop-down Catagory tab and click on “Chicken”

I almost forgot to tell you that Laura Lee brought me some of her AWESOME homemade Green Sauce. If you’re familiar with the Casa Ole’s Mexican restaurant you would understand. They have a Green Sauce that is out of this world. She has come really close to nailing it… She knows how much I love this sauce so she brought me a big jar of it. YUMMY I’m going to get her recipe and post on my cooking site. So you need to stay tuned and visit often so as not to miss a thing…

Until next time. Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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