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Goose Island Adventure

Here we are at Goose Island State Park we got here Tuesday and have been enjoying the water and being in different surroundings. It’s a nice park, the picnic tables are covered and have a nice yellow night light. We’re in site #37 right on the water and our friends Tammy and Chuck, who are coming in today, are in #38. If you back into your site your picnic table is behind you. We were able to pull in frontward so we could see the water.

Goose Island pictures of the campsites…

We are going to do some fishing on that big long lighted pier I sure hope we catch us a mess of good fish for a big ol fish fry. We see a bunch of people cleaning fish a lot of fish down at the boat docks where there is a really nice cleaning station. But you have to watch out for all the birds while you’re there, WOW there were so many birds from gulls to pelicans.

DCF 1.0

On a sad note… yesterday Ed and I were sitting at the table which looks out onto our neighbors’ picnic table, which is on the backside of their travel trailer. There are 2 women and 3 kids. The kids were throwing stuff up in the air to the seagulls which attracted, even more, seagulls now there are at least 2 dozen gulls circling around and diving to get whatever they were throwing. Now this is happening in the morning, we know Kids will be kids so we didn’t think too much about it. Later that evening Ed and I were walking the fur babies and I noticed something green on top of the slide topper. With a closer look it was a green gummy worm. OMG really what a sticky mess. That gummy worm had been up there all day baking in the sun on our slide topper. Had we not spotted that sticky mess it would have rolled up in the topper. Not to mention all the other gummy bears that were stuck to the side of the coach. Ed walked over and knocked on their door but no one was there. SO I gathered up all the sticky things and off we go to the ranger station. I had to fill out an Incident Report. We don’t like to complain BUT I mean really, watch what your kids are doing and respect other peoples property! We also know we’re going to get bird poop on the roof that’s a given because of where we are. But don’t attract dozens of them. There is no telling what our roof looks like. I hate to see what is up there. The ranger was not there last night but said he would come down in the morning to talk to us. Well, it’s now going on 11:00 and no ranger… We want him to bring down a ladder tall enough to see just what’s up on the roof, how many more sticky gummy worms and bears could there be up there??

We’ll see what happens as the day goes on.

Later Gater. Happy camping…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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