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Grand Opening

We have opened a new online store for your convenience. Now when you stop by to get caught up on our daily adventures you can now shop right from here. We would really appreciate if you leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on our new store, is guest friendly? Does the search box work? Did you find what you were looking for? How can I improve the store?

Thursday we met good friends Janice and Dave Evans at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Did you know they have a great lunch special Monday – Friday for only $5.99? Yes, only $5.99!! Every day is different. But on Thursday it’s Turkey and Dressing. Ed had theTurkey and Dressing with Sweet Potato casserole and Cranberry sauce. I had the Chicken, Dressing and Dumplings with Cranberry Sauce. Yummy…

Then later that evening I went down to the lodge to play Texas Hold ’em.

 They play here at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe every Sun, Tues and Thurs for a $1 buy in. Also if enough people want to play on Wed night they have a $5 buy-in.

The people I play with are a fun bunch. There’s this one lady, Shirley, she is a hoot! One of the guys there had given her this little knife sometime back and when somebody does something she doesn’t like she brings out that little knife and tells them she’s gonna cut ’em… LoL It’s all in fun… Anyway, I really love playing the game and I think I’m pretty good. Although last night I didn’t win one pot. Just couldn’t get any good cards, when I had something worth betting on I got beat out by someone with just a little better hand. Still, I enjoy playing and visiting with everyone. Lots of laughs…

Until next time, Safe Travels and Happy Trails!


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