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Hitting the with a Plan?

Always have a plan before you head out on the road…

The one and ONLY time I didn’t make reservations we almost had to sleep in a roadside park. Normally I get out my trusty road atlas and plot a course. This one time I didn’t, well let me just say, the good Lord was looking out after us for sure…

I use the Rand Road Atlas because it had laminated pages, which I love, then I use an erasable marker and draw a line on my route. The erasable markers are great, you just wipe it off and plot your next course. If you travel this atlas is a MUST have on board. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for sharing.

2018 Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas

Another great road trip idea, which I also use, is a Day Planner w/Calendar.

I get a new one every year. I keep notes and reservation on each day of the week or month. It comes in real handy. I also keep a notebook with every RV campground we have ever stayed at. I try to remember to put a rating and the cost on each RV park. Of course, we have our Thousand Trails membership BUT some states don’t have a Thousand Trails or Encore Park so we then use our Passport America 50% off discount it saves us tons of money. We love it so much we are Lifetime Members of Passport America.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!




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