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Hurricane Harvery

Pray for Texas!

It’s been a very stressful week here in south eastern Texas. I feel so blessed to be one of the lucky ones who only got pounded my heavy rains but never got flooded. We are at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe which is on the north side of the lake and upstream from the dam. Which they opened the flood gates on Monday, this caused southern Mongomery County to flood already water soaked subdivisions to the south.

We were supposed to go to Colorado River Thousand Trials on the 29th but they are flooded the Colorado River is completely out of it banks, sec C and D are under water and the water is all the way up to the dog run which is half way up the park to sec A. Plus they are not taking in anyone until mid Sept.


This storm really caught Houston off guard. Who would have thought a hurricane that hit the Yucatan Peninsula would get back out into the Gulf of Mexico as a weak thunderstorm then intensify into a Cat 3 hurricane and then hit the Texas coast as a Cat  4. Houston Texas got 60″ over 5 days. Both Hobby and Bush airports are closed until further notice. The entire air space over Houston is CLOSED to all but emergency personnel. The Post Office plant is closed until further notice. Folks, it’s a real mess down here. They’re saying it’s not going to get better any time soon!! They are still out there 6 days later rescuing people in the flooded areas and some of these areas are getting worse by the minute.


Rockport TX got the direct hit Friday night, which put Houston on the dirty side of the storm. Hurricane Harvey’s was very slow in moving. He came in and wanted to hang around a while. He came inland for a couple of days then decided to go back out in the gulf then come back inland to dump more water on Houston. Houston Texas got almost 60″ of rain. The flooding in and around Houston is twice as bad as Allison which hung over Houston back in June 2001.

I have a sister in San Leon, a sister in Pasadena, a daughter in League City and a daughter in Pinehurst. The sister in Pasadena got flooded sad but she’s ok that’s all that matters, everyone else is safe and dry too.

I am so impressed with our Texas people and how they came together. Let’s NOT forget our friends to the east, the Cajun Army with their boats to help with the rescue Then there’s countless others from all around the counrty who banded together to assist any way they can. My heart is so FULL… Folks PLEASE keep your thoughts and Prayers coming. Thank You!!!

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