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Just another lazy Saturday

Our day started out by visiting with the Ranger Barbara here at Thousand Trails Colorado River in Columbus TX. She was doing her rounds checking sites and Ed spotted her and went out to give her a hug. It has been a while since we were here last and it’s always great seeing a friendly face when you get to a place where you’re going to be for the next month.

Then it was off to the lodge fat 10:30 for the manager’s meeting with Marty Scroggins. He’s an all round great guy and such a pleasant person to be around in general. He’s trying so hard to fix this place up but his hands are tied as far as getting funding from corporate. The new floor is coming right along and the restrooms are next on the list. They have to be completely gutted and redone. So, for now, there are porta-potties out at the end of the lodge.

While we were there I ask about a Texas Hold’em game. Ranger Barbara made some calls and it looks like we are on for tonight for a game. Whoop Whoop. Over at Lake Conroe they play 3 times a week and I really miss that, so I’m very excited.

Now I’m trying to get a Karaoke night on agenda. We have all the equipment for Karaoke but NO speakers. So if the park would buy the speakers with their entertainment funds we just might be in business. This park could be an awesome park they just need some activities to draw people, something to make them want to return time and time again… They already have Movie night w/popcorn, Hot Dog night w/all the trimmings, Pokeno twice a week during the day. BUT During the summer they need regular poolside parties w/live music, old car shows, karaoke night, etc… something new and different to draw people in. All I can do is suggest my ideas…

All I can do is suggest my ideas…  We’ll see what happens.

If you have any ideas drop me a line. I would appreciate your input. TIA

Safe Travels and Happy Trails…

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