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Last Minute prep for Goose Island trip

Mornin’ Y’all

Doing laundry and making a list for the grocery store. We’re really excited to be going to Goose Island to meet up with Tammy and Chuck for a week. Ed is going to wash the rig and clean the windshield while I fold the tablecloth and put the chairs away.


We are going to have so much fun fishing and visiting I may not post many if any, new blogs until I get back so I can share the pictures of all those fish we’re going to catch. Along with all the good stuff we’re going to have to eat.

Ed and I had a good breakfast this morning so we won’t be too hungry until later. I think maybe we just might grab a bite while we’re out this afternoon getting the groceries. We haven’t eaten out much the past 4 weeks, only 4 times, that’s really good for us. I’ve been cooking lots of good meals from Breakfast to late lunch/early supper meals. Then popcorn for the snack in the evening. Popcorn is Cody’s favorite, when he’s ready for his popcorn he’ll come sit on my lap and stare at me. I’ll say what do you want? Then he’ll look at Ed and I’ll say go tell Daddy wat you want. Cody will run over to Ed and bark. It’s so cute… But that’s not the end of it, Ed will say to Cody you want a bologna sandwich? He’ll look at me and I’ll say no, no bologna sandwich. Then Ed will name a few more things that I’ll keep saying no to. When Ed says the word “popcorn” Cody goes crazy, barking and pulling at my clothes, it’s hilarious!

Sorry, I get off track real easy. I was talking about getting everything ready for our trip Tuesday. Meanwhile, there’s a Jesse Stone with Tom Selleck marathon on the TV so I’m kinda half watching and half listening to it… LoL I told you I get sidetracked real easy especially when it come to Tom Selleck. His mystery movies are so good. Oh let’s face it, ladies, he’s eye candy for sure.

Well, I guess I better get going, got to get my shower and get dressed.

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Until next time, Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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