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Fur Baby on the Loose

The start of another beautiful sunny day, and then…

Our neighbors were packing up to leave when Ed noticed the old gentleman driving off.  Well, it turns out he just thought he had his travel trailer hooked up and was headed home. A few minutes later here he comes back. Bless his heart! Then for a good 20 minutes, we watched as he tried and tried and tried to back up to the trailer. Finally, I told Ed maybe we should go ask if we could help. We are very hesitant to offer help because some people get offended. About that time the neighbors on their other side walked over, the neighbor must have asked if he could help and the old man said yes. I saw the neighbor get behind the wheel and his wife started to guide him onto the hitch. Ed and I walked out there to tell them bye. All the while the lady was hooking up, I was talking the poor old man. He was telling me, laughingly, maybe my wife should put me in a home. He’s 83 and his wife is 81 but she was definitely in much better shape than him. She told him to sit down while she hooked everything up, right down to the sway bars. He told Ed he was not feeling well, with some chest pains. I sure hope they made it home ok.

Later that evening I went down to the lodge to play Texas Hold ’em (poker) with the gang. Here at Thousand Trail Lake Conroe in WillisTX they play every Sun, Tue and Thurs at 6:30 pm. and don’t be late! They will NOT wait or let you in after they start playing. It’s a lot of fun and the buy-in is only $1. Just as we were getting settled in at the final table I get a call from the hubs. He only calls when something is wrong. Sure enuff Cody had gotten loose and Ed couldn’t catch him. Ed had taken him out to potty and when he came back to the steps, Ed took off his leash for him to go up the stairs. BUT right at that moment, a little girl was riding by on her bike and Cody spotted her and ran over to her. Poor Ed he said the only thing that went through his mind was is Cody got hurt or run over he would never hear the end of it. When I drove up Ed was out there with the treats trying to lure Cody close enough to catch him. Luckily, after a few minutes of not being able to catch him, I went up the steps and called him. To my surprise, he came right on up the steps. SMH, I really gave him a talking to. I hope that never happens again it just scared me to death. From now on the leash does NOT come off until he’s up them steps! I wish he was more like Cheyenne. She runs up the stairs and waits for us to take her leash off then ducks her head under the door and goes right on into the MH. Although, there was a time, right after we got them, that Cheyenne ran out the door and ran across two rows at the campground before we caught her. When we did catch her Ed swatted her bottom and she has never done it again. Maybe I should’ve swatted Cody’s bottom. If he ever does it again I will…

Until next time,

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “Fur Baby on the Loose

  1. Ed Hurlburt

    In my mind all I could see was a headstone with “HERE LIES ED, HE LET THE DOG GO”. It was really terrifying. 🙂


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