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Memorial Day rush is on…

With Memorial Only 2 weeks away, I sure hope you have your reservations already! If you didn’t book at least 30-45 days out for this holiday you may be too late. Fingers crossed for ya…

All I can tell you kids is “DON”T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE” to start gathering up all those camping items and get them loaded. You still have a couple of weeks so do a little at a time, start by making a list of must have stuff. My Mother was the Queen of lists. OMG, she had a list for everything and every grocery store. When I was growing up she would get her sale ads out and make herself a list for each store. When we went camping she had a list for each person in the family and kids there was 6 of us. But we always had everything we needed while camping. So, as you gather up your items put them in a bag and set the bags by the door, that way you won’t forget to load them up.  Another great tip is if you have an RV refrigerator be sure to turn it on 2 days before your leaving date, this way it will be ready for your frozen and cold groceries, if you put cold items in the freezer before it get up to temp it WILL thaw out your frozen items. ALSO, do NOT over pack that RV fridge freezer. The first RV fridge we had I put 2 – 20 lb bags of ice in the freezer, thinking I was helping to keep the fridge colder. WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!! The RV fridge keeps the bottom part cold by using the freezer cold air. In order for that to happen, there MUST be a clear airway and ventilation in that RV freezer. The bottom of the RV fridge would not get cold BUT when I removed one of the 20 lb bags of ice the bottom started to cool off. When I took out the second bag of ice the bottom cooled down to the temp it needed to be.

I hope this little bit of info has helped you in some way. Being a full-timer now and have camped all my life I have found over the years you learn something new every day. So If I can help make life a little easier for you I’m glad to do it.

With space being at a premium in our Motorhome, I’m always looking for the compact yet functional camping gear. We have a folding table in a bag, 2 folding chairs in a bag and our rug folds up in a bag. They store so easy too.

Don’t forget to fly your Flags on Memorial Day!

Until next time… Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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