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Monday Blues

We had a rough night last night…

Poor Cody still has diarrhea, it’s the 3rd day now. He came to the bed last night about 3 am, I picked him up and put in the bed with us and the next thing I know he jumped off the bed and headed to his pad. WoW, The very first time he has ever jumped off the bed. Bless his heart! He really had to go. We went to Petco and picked up some diarrhea medicine for him.

Big Lots had coffee on sale from $25.00 to $19.99 for 80 K-cups and since it was in the same parking lot as Petco we picked up a case. While we were out we also stopped by Kroger for some eggs and bread, I fix the kids an egg every morning and only had 4 left.

When we got home I tried to give Cody a dose of the diarrhea medicine, but he wasn’t having any of it. We just so happened to have some Ensure left over from when Ed was sick, you guessed it, I mixed the medicine in a little and he drank it. Yeah! I crossed my fingers and prayed he would drink it cause he hasn’t wanted anything to eat of drink the past 2 days. But he did, Thank You, Lord.

Here’s hoping the medicine works and we get a little more sleep tonight than last night.

Cheyenne has been such a great sister through this whole ordeal, she looks after him and checks on him from time to time.

Until next time… Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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