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Moving Day

Yesterday, Monday 5/15/17 was travel day from Thousand Trails Lake Conroe Willis TX to Thousand Trails Colorado River in Columbus TX, after staying in the area for about 3 months. We go between these 2 parks while we’re in Texas. Normally we’re on the road headed north by April but this year we decided to hang around southern Tx until November. We have reservations for Goose Island in June and will be meeting up with good friends Tammy and Chuck. Then we are going to meet up with my 3 sisters and their families at Matagorda Bay in October. Then the first of November we’ll head to Pigeon Forge Tennessee, there we’ll meet up with Tammy and Chuch again for Thanksgiving. I have always wanted to be in the Smoky’s for the holiday lights, I hear they are spectacular. We’re kind of doing things backward this year. You now snowbirds are supposed to go south for winter and north for summer. Oh well, something different…. We’ll be spending Christmas and New Years with good friends Janice and Dave and Janice and Rick in Florida.

The drive was great, light traffic… Yea!!  I love taking the back roads when possible. The (FM) Farm to Market roads usually have very little traffic so NO stress.

Made it here to Thousand Trails Colorado River, got lucky and snagged C24 one of the only ones with a concrete pad to park on. Now all set up for the next month.

Until next time… Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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