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Rainy Monday

Overnight we had a good downpour, it rained hard most of the night. As soon as I got up I turned on the news and the radar looks good for Columbus but rough for Houston most of the day. I guess they are getting what we got during the night. I’m just glad there were no warnings there were some places that got hail. There was a tornado in Katy yesterday which is just up the freeway off I10, which is only 45 minutes east of us.

The radar shows we’re in the clear but it’s still dark so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the day goes. It’s gonna be a great day for curling up with some good movies. Stay safe and dry everyone!

I did play Texas Hold’em last night and I won. Whoop Whoop… Yep, I came in first for $20.00 It was just a small game of only 7 players but it worked out good. I love playing, win or not, just getting to play is great.

Be sure to stop by the hubs blog RVers Helping RVers he has some great tips for your RV. AND my other blog Debi’s RV Cooking recipes for the road. There are some great recipes over there…

Until next time… Safe Travels and Happy Trails!



2 thoughts on “Rainy Monday

  1. Susan

    Hi guys,
    In NC it has been raining for 2 days now, so I know the feeling! I spent the day in bed binge watching Vikings on Hulu!
    Made some muffins & coffee & back to the TV! I did get up for dinner, & to watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars it was great! (For those who DVR it I won’t spoil it for you).
    Well you guys stay safe & happy trails! Love to you all 😍

    1. Debi Post author

      Hey kiddo, We dodged another bullet yesterday. On the news this morning I saw where Sealy, which is the very next town east of us, had a Tornado that did a large amount of damage. Hail, high winds etc. I am so thankful once again it went around us. Good to hear from you. Y’all stay safe too… (((hugs))


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