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RV Fridge verses Residential Fridge

The hubs and I have had some inquiries about refrigerators on our Facebook groups RV Tips and Debi’s RV Cooking. There are a lot of RV fridges going out, some even catching fire. More and more RVers are replacing them with a residential unit. Ours went out a few years back. One day we were sitting at the kitchen table and started smelling an ammonia smell Ed went out to check the back of the RV fridge and he found this yellow powder. We took it in to have it fixed at Camperland on FM 1488 in Conroe TX. They had it for almost 3 months and the RV fridge never got under 45* Needless to say it NEVER worked right again. By the way NEVER NEVER NEVER go to Camperland RV they are rude and crude. The owner actually cursed Ed out right in the middle of the store, screaming profanity because he asked too many questions. Not to mention the other stuff that broke like the electric steps, the Sun Visor, God knows what they were doing with that. The alternator went out and one of their employees drank most of our cokes and beer while the rig was there. SMH so sad!!!! Their answer was, “well electrical things go out”… REALLY????

Anyway, a new RV fridge cost between $3000-$4000 so we started asking around and found out we have some friends that bought a residential and they love it. We went over to their rig to check it out. It fit right in the very same spot the old fridge was in. So off to Best Buy we went. We bought a Samsung RF197 counter depth for $1315. tax and all… and it fit like a glove in the same spot where the old RV fridge was, well with a minor tweak. There was a drawer under the old fridge but worth losing it to get a new fridge. The greatest thing about the new fridge is it’s the same weight as the other one and BONUS you get a lot more room. I love the ice maker and the bottom freezer.

Kids, there have been so many fires caused by RV fridges. Be careful and if yours goes out just replace it with a residential it’s much cheaper and safer!

We have some other friends who replaced their RV fridge with a smaller unit because they only had a 2 door fridge whereas we had the 4 door unit. They only paid around $350 for theirs. They are so happy with it too.

I know what you’re thinking… How can you travel with a residential fridge? Well, we drive sometimes 4-6 hours and it does fine, when we get to our destination we plug in and everything is still cold and the freezer items are still frozen, in fact last week we had a power outage for 9 hours and because it is so isolated everything stayed cold and frozen. Ed’s fudged sicles didn’t even melt in this Texas heat. Some have an inverter hooked up to theirs so it stays on while traveling.

Until next time

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!

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2 thoughts on “RV Fridge verses Residential Fridge

  1. Marilu Neally

    Our rig came with a Frigidaire and an inverter. We really like this set up! I even have empty space inside.

    1. Debi Post author

      The residential is the way to go. We love ours too. Great hearing from you Marilu, I see you and John are haveing a great time up there in Canada. Wish we were there… Safe Travels, Debi


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