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Surviving the Heat

Today is a great day! Woke up to the cool breeze of the AC.

Unlike yesterday… We were awakened at 6 am by the electricity going off. Yes, as soon as that air from the fan cuts off you wake up from a dead sleep. When we called the park around 9 am we were told all of section C and D were out of power along with the pool and the well… Hoping it wouldn’t be off too long we just opened the windows and doors to get the morning breeze. It wasn’t too bad until around noon. Then it started to get uncomfortable, one good thing we have the TV on an inverter so we could at least watch something. Then it started to get to me so, Ed and I went into town about 2 to get a bite to eat. Now keep in mind we had NO coffee this morning so not having a great day at this point. If only we would have had a little butane cook top and small camping coffee pot we could have had a pot of coffee but we didn’t. We will be ordering these things for the future. But we got a little caffeine fix by drinking a coke with our Jack in the Box meal. When we got back to the park the power was still off so we took the kids out to the shade where there was a good breeze. About 5 minutes later the AC came on we went in and I turned on all the fans so it could help cool the coach down. We started watching a movie and I could not keep my eyes open, I think I was just drained from the heat. I laid across the bed with the fan blowing right on me and got me a 30 nap. Ed woke me up by asking me if I wanted to go over the Janice and Dave Evans to play Rummikub. Well yes… you know we have to play every chance we get.

So glad the power is working today.

TIP of the DAY…

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Unique RV Holding Tank Cleaner

Later kids… SafeTravels and Happy Trails!


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