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Traveling Nightmare Helpful Hints


Ever have on of those days while traveling where you forget to secure your favorite little figurines or plants etc, OR have something slid off the counter when you make a turn? Well, it has happened to us, then we found this great Quakehold Museum Putty it keeps everything in place. It is AWESOME stuff!!  Now I never have to move or secure anything anymore. No more worries!

Let’s not forget to secure those cabinet doors either. They will swing open, dishes and spices will go everywhere. We learned the hard way on that too. Ed was turning around in a truck stop parking lot and hit a large water-filled hole, my dishes came flying out of the cabinet and broke, no shattered on the floor… UGH What a mess, glass slivers everywhere. Now I use little Velcro Strips to secure all the cabinets and they work great!

Now your all set to hit the road with no worries about cabinets swinging open or stuff sliding off counters or falling all over the place.

Until next time…

Safe Travels and Happy Trails!



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